A Few Thoughts

Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness

Listen to it carefully.

-Richard Bach

How many of us stop to think of the importance of our consciousness?

I was taught once by a very special person that we all have inner voices. That that voice is vey very important in our lives. It is that special part of ourselves that could connect with our spiritual higher selves and lead us through the maze that we create for ourselves.

Why is the world getting so selfish? Everybody wants to retain everything that is in their power to give, to share. Smiles, affection, love, friendship, care, time, money, thought……

I do get up every morning with the inclination to spend a beautiful day. But one look at the clock and its rush hour. And when I step out of the house, there isn’t one grateful ‘thank you’ that I mumble out ( in the least ) to my parents for every single help that they get through to me in that hurry.

Off onto the bus and a hurried few hellos at my friends. A few customary smiles. And then books fly open and the trip through is spent trying to learn ‘something’ for tests. Or writing assignments that turn out higgledy-piggledy in the drive to college.

No gratitude to the driver, the watchman who smiles at me every morning and asks me if I am fine ( of course, I do reply, but it is in the same smile-mumble a few syllables-rush into class style ), to the lecturers ( half the time, they have to put up with my weirdo-ideas, and of course, the all-smiles act is performed only when I want them to sign up my OD letters ), to the patti who takes care of the canteen and food at college ( the smiles that I give her are forgettable ), to my princi ( to put it plainly, I rather not come across him at all), and back in my apartments, to the next door thatha who always asks me why it is that I come home looking so tired and fed-up ( And then when I smile, he answers himself, with a “college padipu naa konjam tiring’a thaan irukum” ), to the cleaning woman who stops sweeping the stairs and waits for me to pass, with a smile and a “paathu po maa”, the toothless flower seller across the road who looks with wide-eyed concern and a guileless smile as I get off the bus before it stops ( the folly of youth ).

People who I come across every day. Who in their small ways make my day. And somewhere, always there is something that tells me that I am not paying them much attention. Lack of time? Energy? Inclination? Thinking about it, it’s more the lack of selflessness.

Each one of us is so wound up in the strings of our lives. The lives that we conjure, carve and create for ourselves. And mostly end up blaming half of it. Worlds in which we remain lost, trying to pull out the threads that we have woven into without meaning to. Worlds where we have no space for other people. And worlds in which one day, we may lose control and get swallowed.

It sounds depressing. But, maybe, a look into the mirror can answer this. Look at yourselves. You breathing. You smiling. Your eyes that can sparkle. Your mouth that curves upwards. Smile at yourself. It is the best smile that you will ever receive. Imagine your world. All the people you would like to have in it. The purpose for which they have to be there. Who are they to you? More importantly, who are you to them? Who will you be to yourself? Imagine those words that you want to hear associated with yourselves. Maybe the time to create that in your life is now. Today. This moment.

Walk out into the reality as you know it. Stop, smile at people who you might not have noticed enough. Share your love. Your affection. Remember that there is at least one person out there who would love to have you care for them. Share your hellos and smile those beautiful smiles. Like they say, someone could fall in love with that.

Live life. Your life. People it with as many as you can. Sometimes, crowds can be interesting too. Make some time out for those special ones. After all, none of us is so busy that we can’t share our time with the ones who give us meaning.

Like Linda Goodman wrote ( And I will never forget her wisdom ), “In the Never land of mathematics, the more you give, the more you get”.

As I love saying, it’s Magic, with a capital M. Always.Period.

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1 Response to A Few Thoughts

  1. Streax says:

    Awesome.. !!!
    Just wonderful.!!!

    drop of tear fell down my face when i read this!!!!!!

    Love you for nothing!! :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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