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I AM Perfectly Sane

Weirdos. Am surrounded by weirdos. One who keeps dancing around at formal gatherings, embarrassing everyone around, still appearing endearing. One who keeps fighting with me simply because he and me cannot see eye to eye on HIS mistakes. One who … Continue reading

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Nothing sanguine about this

Just switched the theme of the blog. They call it rustic, old fashioned and dignified. Kind of matches with how I feel tonight. Rusted, ancient and dying. I got it good from a lot of people. Had donated blood yesterday, … Continue reading

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Love ?

How much can you allow a person to take over your life? How can you stand miles away from yourself and watch a person run your days? How can you meekly submit and smile as a dominating tyrannical ass claims … Continue reading

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Picking a university. Never went through anything as colossal or as nerve tensing as this. My lists seem to change every hour as I find myself wreaked by a hundred and odd facts and worries. The standing of the university … Continue reading

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Get your asses moving

Why am I even bothering to try and keep this blog updated? Won’t it someday go the same unnoticed way that my other 3 (!) blogs went? Won’t I out of frustration, some morning try and delete this peek-into-my-life? I … Continue reading

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