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Fabrics of Fantasy – V

Morning hour, birds chirping, the rustling of grass – the perfect atmosphere to sit and write a short story and so I began… I had hardly written the first sentence, when a stronger burst of wind, caused the branches to … Continue reading

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Fabrics of Fantasy – IV

“You better be good!”…. Shriya grabbed the crystal curved vase and threw it at his head. Straight hit. He tried to dodge, missed and reeled backward under the impact on his forehead. Shriya shrieked at her own violence. With a … Continue reading

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Fabrics of Fantasy – III

 “I woke up to the excruciating pain in my shoulder. My eyes still closed, i groped for the gun. Nothing ! With some effort, i opened my eyes to see a dull yellow bulb, dangling from the ceiling, when a … Continue reading

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Fabrics of Fantasy – II

I could hear the sound of guns firing.I was in the middle of a war… “Stop it, Sammy! Don’t let that monstrous sound echo. It gets on to my nerves.” No effect. I shook my head to clear the hopeless … Continue reading

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Fabrics of Fantasy – I

The hour was late.Thunderclouds were passing over head.The air was heavy with humidity, just then a shrill voice filled the noiseless atmosphere… I sighed. Just like my doggy to bring attention to himself  when all I wanted was to be … Continue reading

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Fabrics of Fantasy

Fine, going to start a little fiction warp here. I would like people to put up a single line, that could potentially serve as the start of a story. I will try and spin imagination around the start lines. Go … Continue reading

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Peek into a dream

How perspectives change ! I was very convinced that it had to be a graduate study in Aeronautical Engineering that would lead me up to my dreams. Some time later, I discovered that I would most likely choose Astronautical over the … Continue reading

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