If God had a helpline …

I want to ask a question. A very simple one, to God. After all, he knows everything, and can answer anything. So, what is that helpline number?

Imagine reaching for a phone, dialing a number. God answers at the other end with a cheerful “Hullo, don’t have too much of those fries for lunch. You will die of clogged arteries.” When you get over the shock of a pending introduction, (after all God knows its you), you hesitate. As much as you want to cut crap and get the answer, you want to be nice to God. So you go,”Thanks, will remember that. I am really grateful to you, Oh Mighty Master of this Universe, er… I am so grateful to you for this gift of a life, all those little miracles of nature, the lovely…”

“Let’s get on with the answer you need…” God wants to keep it simple. Finally you shut up, and listen. And then, God hangs up. His is a hotline, busy.

Someone once told me that Prayer is when we talk to God and Meditation is when you hear him. Looks like am deaf, for God isn’t mute.

I can’t hear you, Oh Lord of the Heavens. I can’t hear you.

Send me the answer. I don’t mind you texting me. I know, you are busy.

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7 Responses to If God had a helpline …

  1. Vivek says:

    bruce..err….vindhya almighty!!! 😛

  2. parikshith says:

    Oh god!! :p

  3. Aparna says:

    hey.. nice one.. 😉

    what you doing.. no replies to mails?

  4. hey why so sentient about GOD is he bothering you to answer your call?

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